Most critical part of the handpiece are the bearings.

Types of Bearings used in handpieces;

  • Steel bearings, are much cheaper.
  • Ceramic bearings, out perform steel bearings several times.

Ceramic Bearing Benefits;

  • Non-Corrosive: Ceramic balls are resistant to rust, whereby most bearings are constructed of steel that will begin to erode causing debris within the bearing to generate intrusive friction resulting in breakdown.
  • Heat Resistant: Ceramic bearings conduct less heat than steel bearings. During the autoclave process steel bearings get excessively hot and expand resulting in misshaped, imprecise balls consequently accelerating the breakdown of the handpiece.
  • Light Weight: Ceramic is a lighter material than steel allowing the bearing to generate higher speeds while using less energy and maintaining a lower operating temperature.
  • More Durable: Ceramic balls are over 60% lighter, 50% stiffer, 70% smoother, and extremely harder than steel balls resulting in a more durable material that exhibits less wear reducing debris that could accumulate on the surface causing intrusive friction. Remember, reduction in debris of any sort within the bearing reduces friction thereby extending the longevity of the handpiece.
  • Quieter: Whenever friction is reduced so too is the level of noise. For this reason ceramic bearings are generally quieter.

Dentool only uses Ceramic Bearings in our repairs.

Dentool Ceramic Handpiece Bearings, for handpiece longevity.