Ouch, Costly to Repair your Electric Handpiece?

How to help minimize Repairs on Electric Handpieces;

  1. using fine to medium burs (see Coarse Burs below)
  2. running the manufactures PSI air settings (see Extend the Life below)
  3. using as much Chip Air and Water as possible (see Chip Air and Water below)
  4. seeking a minor rebuild as soon as there is any problem (See Stop & Costly Gear Repairs below)
Electric Handpiece Maintenance can reduce your repair cost significantly

Electric Handpiece Maintenance & Tips


  • Coarse burs also cause damage to gears with excessive vibration which is not a problem in air driven highspeed handpieces because of feathering. But in the electric highspeed the added torque available allows the user to keep the bur in constant contact with the tooth surface. The vibration caused by the coarse bur is transmitted directly back to the bearings causing rapid bearing failure. Therefore eventual gear damage.
  • Extend the life of electric handpiece by making sure you have enough drive air pressure used to cool the motor and the attachment. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendation for proper PSI settings. We recommend having at least 65 PSI at the dental unit.
  • Chip Air and Water, Be sure to use as much chip air and water while the handpiece is in use to cool the bearings within the head prolonging the bearings life span.
  • STOP using your electric handpiece as soon as you feel an unusual vibration or hear an unusual noise. This could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.
  • Costly Gear Repairs occur when a handpiece is used after the bearings start to breakdown, therefore the shaft no longer rotates on its correct axis.  This puts gears in a bind and causes rapid wear resulting in handpiece failure and high repair costs.
  • Manufacturers replace all internal drive parts regardless the problem, causing excessive repair costs, even if only one bearing or water line seal is bad.
  • Independent repair centers, such as Dentool, can do a minor rebuild that involves replacing just the needed parts for a much lower cost extending the time before a major rebuild is required.