Dentool’s Handpiece Repair Pricing:

Below is the normal pricing for what Dentool will charge for a repair.

If the cost will be more we will contact you with an estimate, and wait for approval prior to repairing.

Highspeed Handpiece Repair Pricing;

Highspeed Handpiece MK-dent

Complete turbine replacement :

$209 for Pushbutton Turbines with Radial Ceramic Bearings, 1-year warranty

$259 for Pushbutton Turbines with Angular Ceramic Bearings, 1-year warranty

Bearing replacement (if your handpiece does not need the complete turbine replaced):

• $96 for Radial Ceramic bearings, 6 months warranty

• $114 for Angular Ceramic bearings, 6 months warranty

Replace your own turbines, Dentool offers High Quality Turbines at Wholesale prices.

$119.00  Highspeed Manual Chuck Handpiece Repair, Complete Turbine Replacement, 1-year warranty

Lowspeed Handpiece Repair Pricing;

Lowspeed Handpiece Motor, Dentex

$189  Lowspeed Handpiece Motor Overhaul (Repair)

$99 Handpiece Attachments (attaches to lowspeed handpiece motors)

1 -Year warranty, on lowspeed handpiece motors and handpiece attachments

Electric 1:5 Handpiece Repair Pricing;

Electric Handpiece Redline

$250 and up, 1:5 Redline Electric Handpieces (must be evaluated for accurate pricing)

Other Electric Handpiece Attachments (must be evaluated for accurate pricing)

More Repair Pricing;

Below is a list of Dental Equipment Dentool can repair for you.

If it is not on the list that does not mean we can’t repair it, or we can probable find someone who can fix it.

Air Driven Highspeed Handpiece Repair

  • Push Button or Lever Highspeed Handpiece – 1 Year Warranty
    • $209.00 – Bien-Air, Impact Air, Kavo, Lares, Dentex, Micro Motors, Midwest, MTI, NSK, Star, W&H and more.
  • Manual Chuck Highspeed Handpiece (uses tool to get bur out) – 1 Year Warranty
    • $119.00 – Bien-Air, Impact Air, Kavo, Lares, Dentex, Micro Motors, Midwest, MTI, NSK, Star, W&H and more.
  • Optic Replacement, for Highspeed Handpieces
    • $275.00 – Kavo, Midwest, NSK and more.


Air Driven Lowspeed Handpiece Repair

  • $189.00 –  Kavo 2307L, 2320L, 2313L, 181K,182, Prophy Wiz, Star Motors, Midwest RDH, Midwest Shorty, NSK Motors, MTI, Lynx, Little Guy, W&H – 1 Year Warranty
  • $145.00 – Kavo Heads, Star Heads, NSK Heads – 6 Month Warranty


Air Driven Handpiece Attachment Repair

(Attachments that connect to the handpiece motor)

  • $99.00 – Dentex, Kavo, Midwest, NSK, Star, W&H – 1 Year Warranty


Air Scaler Handpiece Repair

  • $149.00 – Kavo, Star, Champion, Micro Mega Endo – 6 Month Warranty


Electric Lab Handpiece Repair

  • $189.00 – Buffalo, AGD, ETC, Upower, Jelenko, Osada, EWL, Microstar, Ney – 6 Month Warranty
  • $325.00 – Kavo EWL, MOD 4914 – 6 Month Warranty


Electric Handpiece Motor Repair

  • $275.00 – (with Brushes) Kavo  196, Bein-Air, Midwest, W&H, NSK, Sirona
  • $215.00 – (Brushless) Kavo 700, 701, 702, W&H, NSK, Sirona

Electric Handpiece Attachment Repair (1:5 redline)

  • $250 – Kavo LPA, LHA, Star, NSK, W&H, Bien-Air, Midwest – 90 Day Warranty


Implant, and Surgical Handpiece Repairs

  • $295.00 – Bicon, Nouvag, Hall Surgairtome, 3M – 90 Day Warranty
  • $70.00 – Hall Bur Guard – 90 Day Warranty
  • $195.00 – Anthogyr, W&H 20:1 Attachment – 90 Day Warranty
  • $395.00 – Stryker Command II, Oral Max – 90 Day Warranty


Electric Handpiece Motor Cord Repair

  • $295 – Kavo, W&H, Bein-Air, NSK, Sirona, and More



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