Questions about Handpiece lubrication?


What handpiece oil works best;

  • Food Grade Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Burn resistant higher then 275 F or 135 C

Why a synthetic handpiece oil;

  • Synthetic oils have a slippery characteristic to them which helps clean and expel debris from your handpiece.
  • Synthetic oils have a higher temperature range, preventing it from burning in the autoclave.
  • You will have less repairs when using Synthetic oil.

Problems with Non-Synthetic handpiece oils;

  • Non-Synthetic oils are tacky, causing debris to stick inside of your handpiece (you must use cleaners).
  • Non-Synthetic oils generally burn at high temperatures, leaving your handpiece with no lubricant.
  • More repair when you use Non-Synthetic oils
  • Handpieces using Non-Synthetic oils are black and grimy inside, causing breakdown.
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